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A Special issue Winter 2019/2020
Dedicated to Art, Gastronomy and Great Hotels
In Berlin - Brussels – London – Rome
Vienna – Warsaw and more

Marion Einbeck
cofounder of the Time for Peace Film & Music Awards is also Editor-in-Chief of Time for Peace Magazine. Robert Einbeck, President of Time for Peace is also Associate Editor and writer. The English translator and editor is Marjolijn de Jager.


Time forPeace, the magazine of the Time for Peace Film & Music Awards, was launched during the 1997 Time for Peace Film & Music Awards Ceremony and Dinner Concert.It is deluxe and very large format magazine (11” x 14” – 28cm x 37) cm).


The purpose of the magazine is to promote the humanist values that Time for Peace advocates, with the paramount objective of encouraging the entertainment industry and audiences alike to capture the attention and support creative works that reflect those values. The publication features exclusive interviews with film, music, and art personalities whose work is related to humanist values.The Lifestyle section contains articles on hotels, restaurants, antique dealers, galleries,and other amazing places, as well as information on shopping.


Time for Peace Magazine inspires and recognizes popular talents that encourage optimism and foster excellence,to be read by an audience that contributes to a society interested in improving living conditions across the world. It combines the work of gifted journalists, scholars and photographers to create an elegant and exciting publication.


With a readership of 15,000, the magazine Time for Peacehas been published on the occasion of film festivals,for example for the 2003 Cannes Film Festival when a special issue appeared in association with the foremost French newspaper Le Figaro.International subscribers receive the magazine by mail and these include people from the film and music industries, business world, ambassadors, and government bodies with whom Time for Peace closely collaborates. It is also distributed at the awards ceremony and at international events and shows.


Time for Peace Magazine has also a Facebook page with more than 28,000 visitors.


Time for Peace is furthermore associated with and circulated by some of the most exceptional, serene, and comfortable European hotels (France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and Spain), which take pride in their exquisite restaurants.


The sales profits benefit the promotion of artistic projects committed to humanist values and peace.To be a partner of the magazine means to be involved in the promotion of humanist values globally.