The Time for Peace Film & Music Awards were founded by Marion and Robert Einbeck in New York in 1994 to celebrate film and music creations that demonstrate highest artistic standards and promote humanist values.


As shown in the films, the values promoted by Time for Peace speak of the human rights and dignity of men and women alike. They further the flourishing of a culture of tolerance, respect for differences, freedom of expression, better understanding among human beings, solidarity etc.


Today, film and music are essential mediums that grant access to a better understanding of the world and the human condition. Films and music with a message of humanist values or ethics can inspire the audience to act upon them in their daily life and thus become models for youth in search of an ideal.


Stories and lyrics in which the protagonist heroes broaden human right and dignity and offer constructive answers to questions that all people ask, promote methods by which civilization can function more positively and learn how to transform the world. Film and music can serve as a therapeutic means to direct violent behavior toward a creative and constructive dynamic.


Humanist values are the underpinning of the human condition and living them actively means entering into a process of preventing humanitarian conflict and economic crisis.


The objective of the Time for Peace Film & Music Awards is also to encourage the entertainment industry and audiences alike to support this type of creation.


Each year, Time For Peace has presented a ceremony devoted to an international creativity in cinematography and music, rich in its diversity and recognized throughout the world for its high artistic quality. The ceremonies took place mainly in New York but also in Los Angeles, Paris, London and Brussels.


It is with this in mind that the cinematographic and musical works are selected – since twenty years – on criteria of high artistic quality but also on those of humanist values, such as tolerance, respect for difference, solidarity, care provided to others, better understanding between peoples, freedom of expression, and so forth.


Until now, a panel of experts from the worlds of film and music selects the nominees, whereupon a jury committee consisting of about 25 to 30 ambassadors to the United Nations – itself deeply concerned with the permanence of humanist values – chooses the films, directors, musicians, actors, actresses, and screenwriters to whom the honor will be granted during the year.


Since 1994, when Steven Spielberg was honored for Schindler’s List, the Time for Peace Film & Music Awards winners have included: HuguesAufray for his music career; Charles Aznavour for Colore ma Vie; Luis Enrique Bacalovfor the original score film of Il Postino; Joan Baez Lifetime Achievement; BernardBellefroid for The Boat Race (LaRégate); Roberto Benigni for Life is Beautiful (La Vitae Bella); Brenda Blethyn as Elizabeth in LondonRiver; Mary J. Blige for Share my World; Terry Callier for Time Peace;John Carneyfor Once; Tracy Chapamanfor New Beginning; Céline Dion and Phil Galdston for Fly;HawaEssuman for Soul Boy; Anthony Fabian forSkin; Florian Gallenberger for John Rabe; Tony Gatliffor Korkoro (Liberté); Sophie Heldman for Colours inthe Dark; Mark Herman for The Boy in the StripedPajamas; Scott Hicks for Shine; The Hjaltalin for TheTrees don’t like the Smoke: Jewel for Pieces of Youand A Night Without Amor; Naomi Kawase for TheMourning Forest (Mogari No Mori); KenzoFashion Lifetime Achievement; SotiguiKouyateas Ousmane in London River; Caroline Link forBeyond Silence (Jenseits der Stille); Jim Loach for Oranges and Sunshine; Philippe Muyl for MagicandRed Apple; Michael Radford for Il Postino;Alexander Sokurovfor Alexandra; Steven SpielbergforSchindler’s List andAmistad; Sounds of Blackness for Time forHealing; Sting for If on a Winter’s Night; Jan Sverákfor Kolya; Hilary Swank as Erin Gruwellin Freedom Writers; Charles Trenet for his musical career;Galina Vishnevskaya as Alexandra in Alexandra;Xaver von Treyer for the original film score of SoulBoy; Robin Williams as Sean McGuire in Good WillHunting; Emily Watson as Margaret in Orange and Sunshine; Michael Winterbottom for A Mighty Heart;Stevie Wonder for Conversation Peace; EdwardZwick for Blood Diamond.


Former US President Bill Clinton, Secretaries General to the UN Boutros Boutros-Ghali and Kofi Annan, Mayor of New York Rudolph Giuliani, Directors of UNESCO Federico Mayor and Koïchiro Matsuura, Presidents of the European Commission Romano Prodi and José Manuel Barroso, and the President of the European Council ThorbjørnJagland have introduced past Time for Peace Film & Music Ceremonies.


Since its creation, the medias has showed a great interest in the Time for Peace Awards. The nominations and the event have triggered great press and TV coverage. The Time for Peace Film & Music Awards Ceremonies were featured on Bader News, CNN Headline News, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, AccessHollywood, Entertainment Tonight as well as on international TV channels such as ARD Ch.1, Bayerisches FS CR 3, BBC, CinéCinéma, Deutsche Well TV, France 2, France 3, RT, TF1. Articles were published in numerous newspapers and magazines such Amelia, America Oggi, Business Week, The Daily News, Elle, The Financial Times, Forbes, Frau im Spiegel, Gala, Hello! Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, La Corrieredella Sera, Le Figaro, InStyle, Life, The Los Angeles Times, NorskUkeblac, Newsday, The New Yorker, The New York Magazine, The New York Observer, The New York Post, The New York Times, Star, Time, Variety, Voilà, among others.


In 1997, during the Ceremony Dinner Concert in New York, Marion Einbeck launched the Collector Time for Peace Film & Music Awards Magazine


The magazine is focused on the ceremony but also advocates humanist values promoted by Time for Peace, with a paramount objective of encouraging the entertainment industry and audiences alike to support creative works that reflect those values, and to capture the attention of youth, for they can be particularly inspired by role models from the entertainment world.


The Magazine inspires and recognizes popular talent that encourages optimism and fosters an excellence read by an audience that contributes to society and interested in improving living conditions. It combines the talents of journalists, scholars and photographers to create an elegant and exciting publication.


In the framework of the Awards Ceremony, the Time For Peace Concert gathers a wide diversity of talented international musicians and singers. Stevie Wonder, Joshua Bell, Dave Brubeck, Fazil Say, Jerry Hadley, Terry Callier, Andy Bey, SergueyKhachatryan, and Sound of Blackness, among others, have performed at past awards ceremonies and  the dinner is always prepared by a international renowned chefs such as Jean André Charial, Paul Bocuse,YannickAlléno or JoëlRobuchon.


In addition, a Fashion Designer has created every year a one of a kind Time for Peace dress worn by an renowned actress or model. In past years Yves Saint Laurent, Thierry Mugler, John Galliano, Kenzo or Catherine Malandrino have designed the dresses worn by Marisa Berenson, Jerry Hall, Maria GraziaCucinotta, Irina Pantaeva or Sessile Lopez.


The responsibility of Time for Peace is to continue and expand its efforts so that people will come to associate pop culture with social understanding, cooperation and constructive behavior.  The coming Time for Peace Film & Music Awards will be presented in a different way.